Balaji Nagar
is a prestigious project helmed by SAI LEELAVENTURES in association with UNIVERSAL CASH CROPS INDIA PVT LTD. The SAI LEELA venture is an upcoming Reality group striving to create a bigger footprint across the state, The Company is powered by astute management, cumulative experience   and corporate overnice it is fast evolving as a major reality enterprise offering more value for less money to its investors. The group is now engaged in shaping a series of high potential projects aimed at smart investors looking for quick returns and high appreciation.

UNIVERSAL CASH CORPS INDIA PVT LTD is the name behind many successful agro venture, the latest being  CHANDAN VALLEY project, a  sandal wood plantation entire the unique offering provide to be a runway success as it sold out within a short span of being launched ,the  company is a 100% agro based enterprise promoted by scientist and farmer with vast experience in cultivating cash crops like white sandalwood, vanilla, areca and coffee, pepper etc, UNIVERSAL CASH CORPS firmly believes and advocates the concept of delivering optimum value to all its internal and external stakeholders.